26 illustrated textbooks "Memo to the serviceman: rights, responsibility and guarantees of protection", developed by the non-governmental organization "Yurydychna sotnia" and approved by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, were handed today to the leaders and military personnel of the Zaporizhzhia Central United District Military Commissariat by Zaporizhzhia volunteers Pavlo Nikitchenko and Alina Ryzhii. They are the founders of the non-governmental organization "Suspilna vzaiemopomich", the top priority of which is assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war Pavlo Nikitchenko and Alina Ryzhii have been providing both financial and legal assistance to the Ukrainian army. The next stage of their activity was the publication of this textbook, which should become a table-book of any military commissariat leader. It is planned that these textbooks will be placed in "red corners" of military registration and enlistment offices and in regional military bases and they will be available for reading to anyone who wants to.

- There are great many laws and regulations in the military sphere - but all of them, roughly speaking, are scattered, - says Hennadii Yaremenko, the military commissar of the Zaporizhzhia Central Joint Regional Military Commissariat. - It is very convenient that all the basic norms of military law are collected in this textbook under one cover. Thanks to this, a person can come to the military registration and enlistment office, see what the terms of registration for the contract are, what documents are needed for this. This methodical textbook will be a great help for our employees.

In the memo you can find answers to the most acute questions asked by demobilized and active military personnel in the ATO zone. They are questions about the legal regulation of the mobilization of entrepreneurs-physical persons, material support at mobilization, property to be returned after demobilization, the procedure for obtaining a military token, monthly types of additional payments, cash reward for the successful completion of a combat mission, questions about vacation and its types, the procedure of providing health care services, material support given on discharge from hospitals, early discharge and transfer to the reserve, questions about the registration procedure to get combatant status, the documents required to confirm participation in the ATO, liability forms, appealing disciplinary action, responsibility for the destruction or damage of military property, questions about crimes committed in combat.

"The efforts of our organization are focused exclusively on helping the army," - says Pavlo Nikitchenko, speaking before the personnel of the military commissariat. - At the same time our activity is focused on legal assistance to our military.

- Frankly speaking, despite two decades of legal experience it was very difficult at first because the military law is very complicated and it has its own peculiarities, - says in her speech a lawyer-volunteer Alina Ryzhii. - Nevertheless, you can always come for legal assistance to us - we do not deny legal assistance to our defenders. We are sure that this textbook will also become a reliable legal assistant in your activity.

It is to be recalled that earlier with the participation of the non-governmental organization "Chesne Zaporizhzhia" and Alina Ryzhii a brochure was published for ATO participants. It provided the information how to get the combatant status as well as the detailed procedure for registering the land plot for ATO participants.