Legal assistance


Active and healthy men form Ukrainian army. When they go to the front they make a pause in their civil life for an uncertain period. They leave their families, job and studying with no guarantee that they will come back alive, healthy and able-bodied. But after returning from ATO the army men often face injustice. Their efforts to adapt financially and socially in the status of an ATO veteran are blocked by the state itself. To stand up for their rights and get what is theirs according to the law Ukrainian army men have to resort to lawyers.

The lawyers of the volunteer organization «Suspilna vzaiemopomich» render competent free assistance to ATO combat soldiers in the main point – the issue of getting the status of a combat veteran and having corresponding benefits. The second sore subject for army men is the confirmation of combat wounds. The facts of receiving combat wounds are concealed intentionally; such injuries are registered as home accidents because in this case pecuniary compensation is not paid…

The specialists also explain how to execute the pension for loss of breadwinner, how the wounded and families of the killed can get one-time pecuniary aid. They also counsel how to get the status of disabled war veteran, execute the disability pension, execute land plots, register for getting a house, etc.

Civility of any society is always measured by its attitude to those who died for interests of this society. However Ukrainian politicians don’t want to treat their heroes properly. That’s why lawyers undertake obligations to protect rights of all killed and mutilated in this war. Our lawyers’ help is versatile and free of charge. Members of our team don’t search for the recognition. They are ready to thank every defender of Ukraine personally for his/her bravery and courage.