Таctical medicine


Wounds and traumas are the integral part of any war. Prompt assistance rendered during first minutes after wounding is the key factor that determines if the person will survive. In case this assistance is provided skillfully the injured person's chances of survival rise hundredfold.

Tactical medicine in reality is a number of emergency measures aimed at rescue of an injured person before an emergency ambulance coming (in peacetime) or before taking him or her to a portable/base hospital (under conditions of war). That’s why giving first medical aid is the first thing that army men should be taught.

Thanks to well-coordinated work of volunteers and organizations most military men attend courses of tactical medicine. They are taught to save the life of the injured in a matter of minutes and act automatically as it is done in the armies of the USA and NATO countries.

A military «first-aid kit» must contain special drugs which help during the first minutes after wounding and can avert death. According to the reports of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine skilled military surgeons decided on surgeon kits of the NATO pattern.

Individual first-aid kits are provided for the army men who are outside the military base and base stations. To solve as many problems as possible the kit must contain more than 30 remedies. The estimated cost of each first-aid kit is more than 1,000 UAH. The general demand for them is more than 5 000 units. In addition, it is necessary to purchase first-aid kits for instructors and feldshers (medical assistants).

One of the activity areas of our volunteer organization «Suspilna vzaiemopopmich» is providing Ukrainian military men with individual first-aid kits in order to give emergency medical aid.

We and the persons under our care will be deeply grateful for any assistance – financial or actual aid (first-aid kits containing medicine with adequate period of validity and of appropriate quality).