The army can be compared with a clock mechanism that consists of great many details. They perform different functions and tasks but for the only purpose – to go forward. The same happens in the war. Ukrainian detachments on the frontline attack the enemy and fight off enemy’s attacks. “Invisible” special teams assure the possibilities for the detachments to perform their tasks.

These “invisible” teams are special operations regiments which usually consist of non-diversified combat soldiers who are specially trained and have experience in performing special operations such as reconnaissance, getting to the enemy's rear in order to get the information and hand it over, detection and prevention of possible diversions, provocations, ambushes and attacks from different sides beyond the front.

In order to function well such teams need special defensive means, attack instruments, vehicles with specific characteristics, unique radio station kits, identification devices, localizers, drinking systems, portable water filters, special accessories, field protection perimeters, mobile equipment, high-quality tools for sappers, etc. But in reality they lack for all these indispensable things.

These groups usually are small but they need a lot of money to buy all necessary equipment. That’s why Ukrainian army men need volunteers’ assistance badly to perform specific tasks successfully.

The volunteer organization «Suspilna vzaiemopomich » supplies army men with military tools and equipment successfully. We will furnish the complete list of all necessary things to all who would like to help provide Ukrainian special teams with needful equipment.