Sniper complex


Despite continuous combat activity at Donbas Ukrainian army is becoming numerous, gaining experience, and educating professional army men day by day. Today Ukrainian combat soldiers are a solidary team which is a real threat for the enemy. A lot of different units and formations make up our army, among them infantry brigades, recon teams and snipers units.

However, Russia using its military resources widely proceeds to attack our forces relentlessly. It results in great human losses. Besides using heavy military assets and modern surveillance facilities the terrorists maintain permanent sniper pressure. Ukrainian army is especially vulnerable in this sector as it faces acute shortage of modern long-range weapon and appropriate equipment.

A sniper is a combat soldier who undertook serious training and is able to take unerring aim. He usually works alone or in pair. Going out to perform a task a sniper must have a lot of professional equipment on him in order to fulfill the task successfully: hit a target and remain unnoticed.

In order to keep in confidence the information that can be used by the enemy we don’t make public the data about needful equipment.

The organization «Suspilna vzaiemopomich » is ready to provide all interested persons interested in making our snipers more powerful with full information about indispensable equipment and accessories after their personal request.