Observation devices


For a long time Russia has been using Donbas as an area for testing modern reconnaissance assets, unmanned aerial vehicles, for perfecting of special operations groups tactics, modern striking power, artillery, etc. The enemy demonstrates its resources and specific training openly.

Ukrainian army has to perform a very difficult task: to withstand with dignity and respond to continuous attacks of rebels. In order to do it army men have a need for observation devices such as thermal imagery devices, binocular glasses, distance meters, etc. For today he who can prevent an attack detecting the enemy in time (with the help of high technologies) is stronger than he who shoots further and more powerful.

Ukrainian army lacks badly for:

  • optical instruments and devices (night binoculars and binoculars of other modifications);
  • night vision devices of any characteristics including monoculars and supplements to daylight optical sights;
  • thermal imagery devices – devices for observation of temperature distribution on the observable surface.

The problem of shortage of observation devices is becoming more and more serious because such equipment is not bought at all. Ukrainian army men can rely only on volunteers. The organization «Suspilna vzaiemopomich » takes active part in fund raising in order to purchase above mentioned equipment. The organization also has the opportunity and the right to receive such equipment as charitable contribution.

The report on fund raising and equipment purchase/receipt will be placed on our site.