Off-road vehicles


Ukraine is at war for the second year. It is more and more difficult for the army to withstand aggression of the neighbouring country. Men go to the front willingly to defend their dear land, but combat forces often turn to be not equal …

In 2014 efficient Ukrainian army was formed for record terms. Today it is able not only to hold positions, but also to get numerous victories becoming larger and more powerful. All these became possible due to combat soldiers’ bravery and courage as well as to all-round support inside and outside of the state. Volunteers and volunteer organizations provide regular assistance in arming, equipping, and fitting out of army men.

In addition to the fact that the enemy has military off-road vehicles of different modern modifications (e.g. off-road vehicles “Tiger” (which was originally designed for the United Arab Emirates), “Каzаk”, “Cоmbаt”, etc.), Ukrainian military men are suffering human losses because of insufficient equipment.

Information: During 2015 Ukraine got about 200 HMMWV/Humvee automobiles from the USA. Only 30 of them were armoured from bullets and splinters. The rest of the automobiles were off-road vehicles vulnerable to enemy’s fire and mines. They could not stand the facts of war at Donbas.

That’s why one of the most indispensable attribute of battles is off-road vehicles. These automobiles can protect and be a threat for the terrorists at the same time. Armour protects against large-caliber machineguns and bombs, and installed combat modules with thermovision cameras make it possible to attack. Ukrainian army men will be grateful for any financial assistance in order to purchase off-road vehicles as well as for special armoured automobiles or any jeeps «in running order» for further modification, preparing them for combat actions and performing complex tactical tasks.